Summer Wild Berries

Sunday, August 24, 2008
Hi all - back after a hiatus that covered more travel in Canada during one month than I had previously done in several years. People who have grown up in rural Western Canada often become animated and begin talking about their childhood wild berry memories when they are served these summer treats.

Alberta wild strawberries, small this year because of the drought:

Saskatchewan wild blueberries:

I was also in BC but was too sadly too early for blackberries there.


GinnyBerry said...

Those berries look good, even the small ones! When are the blackberries usually ready? I lived on Widbey Island Washington for a couple of years and enjoyed picking them as a child. (I also picked them in rural southeastern PA, with my grandmother, so I'm really a wild berry lover. Can't beat them!

Pepper said...

Hi ginny, sorry for late reply. Blackberries would have been realy around mid August.