Onion Rings

Monday, July 16, 2007

Deep frying is something I seldom do at home - maybe once or twice a year. For these onion rings, I used beer for the batter and added some Tabasco sauce and salt for flavour. I cooked them in corn oil in a pan that had been used to fry several batches of hamburgers. I would have liked to fry them in beef fat, but wasn't sure how to go about finding and rendering beef fat in China so using the drippings from the hamburgers was the next best thing. They were amazing with ketchup.

Mix together 3/4 cup beer with 3/4 cup flour. Mix in one tablespoon of Tabasco sauce and one teaspoon of salt. Slice three medium onions into 1 cm slices and separate into rings. Meanwhile, heat oil til a drop of batter sizzles when dropped in. Coat onion rings in batter and drop into oil in one layer, turning once, til the onion rings are brown. Eat while hot.


Su-Lin said...

Oh, yummy! I hate deepfrying things but might give it another go just to have freshly fried onion rings!

Rachel said...

they look so pretty and crisp!

Pepper said...

Hi Su-Lin, yes deep frying is a pain but makes such good things - you can get so many mediocre fries and rings eating out but making really good ones yourself is worth it once in a while.

Thanks Rachel! I had help during the photo shoot.

Deborah Dowd said...

There isnothing like homemade onion rings. My mother used to soak the sliced onion rings in buttermilk before frying. These look delicious and crispy!