Watermelon and Tofu Salad with Mint

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I glumly mixed this salad together, mentally comparing the flavour void of tofu with the salty sharpness of the feta that I would be using to make a watermelon salad back home. (Note: if you really love cheese, don't move to China.) What got my attention about this salad was the texture - the cool, smooth tofu was really nice against the crispness of the watermelon. I am normally very partial to stronger flavours but this was a very satisfying lunch on a hot day, and would be great served with something spicy. I have also tried tofu with other fruits, like the loquats that are so fabulous now here, but watermelon is my favourite so far.

Per person, dice about 1 1/2 cups of watermelon and 2/3 cup tofu. Julienne about 1 tbsp of mint and toss very carefully so the cubes stay nice and square. Other fresh herbs would work really well too, like basil or dill.


Anonymous said...

Dill? Umm.. Umm.. ..really? I so hate it. Then again I have never used it out of fish/seafood context.

It now sounds interesting.

Pepper said...

Cooked dill has a completely different character from raw dill, which has an almost minty quality. I really like it in salads. But if you really hate it, maybe use a different herb.

krysia said...

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Pepper said...

Hi, any non-post related comments or questions should be directed to my email, which is available from my profile.