Cha zuke

Thursday, November 30, 2006
Here is episode two in this week's rice theme. Rice with tea is as natural as cereal and milk, and good for mornings when you want something less filling. All you really need is rice and green tea, but use a garnish if possible. I had some sheets of nori and tiny dried shrimp, but you could use things like furikake or gomashio or just sesame seeds.

Mound leftover rice in a bowl and sprinkle with dried shrimp and nori, if desired. (You can use cold rice but I like to warm it up a little first.) Pour hot green tea into bowl and serve.


Anonymous said...

I made a beet salad last night and I remembered seeing your beet salad because the picture was so great, but I couldn't remember that it was you who did it! I went searching through the blogs for a while trying to find it, and then eventually gave up and just winged a recipe of my own. Now that I've found your recipe again, I've copied it down for next time.

Jennifer said...

This was wonderfully light this morning for breakfast. I used some basmati rice with Genmai Cha tea with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds. It was wonderfully toasty.

Faye said...

Great picture. Is this a variation on the inexplicably satisfying marrow bone soup from Korea or is it more from the "Land of Plenty"? I may actually try this, as 1) it is mercifully beet-less and 2) does contain things I can find locally.

Pepper said...

Hey Brilynn, your beet salad is pretty impressive I must say.

Jennifer, I was thinking of trying a stronger tea - chai? Though the tannins might not work with the rice.

Faye, Dad apparently used to feed me this when I was little. No connection at all to Korea or China.

faye said...

I see. Thanks for sharing the memory.

Jennifer said...

If you use chai I recommend that you add milk, considering most chai's are based on assam teas or other malty teas they really go well with milk.