Carrot and Apple Salad: Retro Recipe Challenge #3

Sunday, October 15, 2006

This challenge was far too fun not to accept: finding a recipe to blog that was originally published near the year of your birth. My first strategy was an Epicurious search for '1973', which yielded a pile of recipes from a House and Garden Drink Guide published in November of that year. There was Baltimore Eggnog, for anyone whom you might want to comatize with richness and alcohol. There was one cocktail named Between the Sheets, giving me a mental picture of some mustached, sideburned guy in a light colored, wide lapeled suit mixing up one of these...let's change the channel. One recipe, Shrimp with Avocados, was gorgeous but unfortunately not frugal. I then turned to the Edmonton public library catalogue for cookbooks published in that year, and came up with the dairy themed Cooking with Yogurt, Cultured Cream, and Soft Cheese. The author also had produced a book called Fondue, Flambé, and Side Table Cooking, which I am sure would have far more gems from the era.

The book has lots of recipes from before the fat phobic eighties like bacon cooked in sour cream or meats and vegetables covered with rich sauces. One I was happy to find was a grated carrot and apple salad. Carrot salad is less popular now but I love its brightness and crunch, especially in winter. The dressing has a good combination of sweetness, heat and sharpness as well - you could use some other heat agent like Dijon or black pepper if you don't have horseradish. I used apple cider vinegar but plain or other mildly flavoured vinegars like rice vinegar would work as well. The sesame seeds were not in the original recipe, but I could not resist adding them - I love carrot salad with raisins and sunflower seeds as well. Very seventies, yes.

Mix up dressing: 1 tbs vinegar, 3 tbs sour cream or lebnah, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp horseradish or to taste. Grate 2 large carrots and one large apple fairly coarsely. Mix with dressing and taste for seasoning balance. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve to 3-4.

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