Spring IV: Ginger, Carrot and Fava Bean Salad

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

While walking by a table of preserved food at the market, I saw a cold dish that combined carrots and fava beans in a spicy, sour dressing. It was simple but very bright and appealing, and I decided to try carrots and favas in a salad together. My market sells the fava beans already shelled and peeled, but you can leave the peel on if desired (the cold dish in the market had whole beans).

Grate enough fresh ginger to produce 1 tbs ginger juice. Mix ginger juice with 2 tbs white wine vinegar, 1 tsp white sugar, 2 tbs olive oil, and 1/2 tsp salt. Cube half a pound of carrots and boil for a couple of minutes, then add 1/2 lb shelled fava beans and boil til together until beans are just tender. You want the carrots and beans to finish cooking at the same time and still be a little crisp.

When vegetables are finished cooking, drain well and toss immediately with dressing. Let the dressing soak in as the salad cools. Can be eaten at room temperature or cold; serves 4.