Eggs In the Middle

Friday, January 16, 2009

Since moving to a kitchen without a flat bottomed frying pan, I don't make Eggs Cooked On Top of Things that often. I've switched to Eggs in the Middle, which lends itself much more easily to the wok.

On the bottom is home fries, or leftover cabbage and lentils, or sauteed celery and tomatoes, or in this case a buckwheat, caramelized onion, and mushroom concoction that didn't quite make the blog (may, with tweaks, in the future).

In the middle are two soft scrambled eggs, cooked in a little butter with some salt and pepper added. I love scrambled eggs but they have a portion perception problem - even soft scrambled tend to cook down and they look like not a lot of food. At the diner where I used to work we always served customers three eggs instead of two if they requested scrambled. Piling the eggs on top of something else makes them look like more.

On top is fresh salsa and chopped olives. You could use cheese (particularly great is salsa/feta combined), pimentón, capers, chopped green onions, or whatever will look nice and not clash with whatever is on the bottom. (I once made home fries with hot peppers mixed in, then put the salsa on top and it was more fire than one wants for one's first meal of the day.) This combination (buckwheat, eggs, salsa and olives) was so good I had to stop myself from making and eating another plate.