Guo Kui

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Guo Kui is the name given either to flat breads that are baked, then split and filled like sandwiches or stuffed with meat or sweet things and then pan fried.

The fried kind are my favourite. The stuffed kind are expensive and messy to eat, and it's harder to find safe specimens. However, there is one place by the Sichuan opera house downtown that has amazingly good guo kui; shown below.

Guo Kui are 1.5-2.5 RMB for the fried kind and 3-5 RMB for the sandwich variety. Because of my location I've been insulated from rising food prices back home; how are the frugal cooks managing in North America?


drfugawe said...

Things are about to get very ugly! Food prices are poised to do just what energy prices have done, and it seems the media is just noticing. But we cooks have seen it for months. Many staples have doubled - seems as if the usually cheaper items are rising faster than the luxury goods - strange.

I read recently that there is a world-wide food price escalation, but strangely, not in China yet - is this true?

Anonymous said...

Many prices have risen here as well actually (for pork in particular) but the original prices were so cheap that if you are making decent money you don't really notice it. I've read that so far price controls are keeping things from getting out of hand but have no idea how effective that can be long term.


Unknown said...

I ate these all the time in Beijing, followed by those sticks of sugared crab apples and walnuts, and while I picked my vendors with care to make sure their food was turning over fast, I never had a problem - Guo Kui are GORGEOUS.

Food prices are rising in the UK - you should see the price of rice here, it's amazing how fast it's shooting up.

Anonymous said...

does anybody know how to make gou kui let me know