Masala Chai and Coconut Ginger Matcha Ice Creams

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My first experiments with ice cream made me eager to try a few other flavours. The first was the chai ice cream (shown) mentioned in the original post. The second was to add the bite of ginger to the coconut matcha. For these I switched to honey for a sweetener since I am saving sugar for baking. You can use a slightly higher quantity of sugar to match the sweetness.

The masala chai flavoured ice cream was quite straightforward - steep two tablespoons of chai tea and spice mix in two cups of heated half and half, until strongly flavoured. Sweeten to taste - I ended up using one and a half tablespoons of honey. Chill and strain before freezing. Both Masala Chai and Culina Oolong Chai blends from Cally's Teas gave good results, with both the tea and spice coming through very well.

For coconut ginger matcha, heat up a 14 oz can of coconut milk (I used 55% coconut milk) and dissolve one and a half tablespoons of matcha powder. Finely chop a two inch piece of ginger - use more than you think you need, because freezing dulls flavours - and mix in. Simmer for a couple minutes and use a potato masher or other tool to squeeze out the ginger juice into the coconut and matcha mixture. Sweeten with two tablespoons honey, or to taste, and chill and strain before freezing.


Anonymous said...

Looks yummeeeeeee! Does one need an ice-cream maker?

Pepper said...

You can just set it in the freezer and remember to stir it periodically, or do the ziploc bag method - one small bag with the ice cream mixture sealed inside a bigger bag with ice, and smush it around.